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We represent and support all tenants in real estate negotiations, ensuring their interests are protected and assisting in securing favourable lease terms and conditions.

Australia's Capital City office markets have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Work from home is now part of all workplace agreements, leading to a decrease in Capital City office space requirements. Some clients are seeking up to a 66% reduction in office space needs, replacing some City office space with satellite offices in the suburbs. GVS Property has been engaged by tenants to assist in negotiations for lease renewals. The landowner has the Agent acting on their behalf, and it is imperative that the tenant has an advocate working for them.

Case Study: 

A GVS Property client required alternate office space of approximately 700 square meters. We located a whole floor in an ideal location and negotiated the lease terms on our client's behalf.

The drivers for our client were to reduce the level of rent to the lowest possible number, thus controlling the property costs of the business. Items we were able to negotiate to assist with the above strategy included:

  • A major part of the incentive to be spread over the entire lease term, thus reducing the monthly property cost.
  • Negotiating a portion of the floor to be rent-free for the first two years of the tenancy.
  • Utilizing an almost brand-new high-quality fit-out for no cost, needing only minor upgrades to facilitate their operation.
  • Negotiating early access to complete fit-out works and, once completed, allowing the business to commence operations at no charge prior to lease commencement.

GVS Property secured incentives over the rent, a portion of the premises rent-free for two years, a fit-out incentive, as well as car parking and outgoings incentives for a short period. The total incentive achieved over the six-year term of the lease equated to approximately 60%.

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